Bedtime for Robots


"Don't You Scream," a track from the forthcoming "Big Sleep Little Death" full length album by Bedtime for Robots was featured in the One Year compilation by #WEATNU records. Find it here along with over 70 other global electronic music artists. Find it Here!


"Lo-Fi Diving," a dark ambient/avant garde experimental electronic piece, is included in "The First Annual Report," a compilation curated by Italian experimental music artist, Sonologyst for the Unexplained Sounds group. The album also features music by electronic pioneers such as Steve Reich. Find it Here!   



SHAM, a dark-ambient meets post-rock track by Bedtime for Robots is included on "USA Experimental Underground Survey 015" curated by Italian electronic experimental music pioneer Sonologyst. Find it Here!



     Three tracks by Bedtime for Robots are included on the massive indie music compilation, "Tunnel to the Underground Vol 3" distributed by multiple record labels worldwide. Find it Here!


     Name your price for the "Ghostbox Radio Dark Ambient Compilation Vol. I: Telephone to the Dead" featuring "Black Holy" by Bedtime for Robots. Find it here!