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Bedtime for Robots is currently working on the epic double-album, "Filthy Gods in the Age of Exquisite Machines," marking a giant leap forward for BFR. The album will be released on Black Box Recordings out of the UK and will feature nearly 2 hours of new music inspired by exotica, late 70s new wave, disco, prog rock, and 80s industrial/gothic music. 


Bedtime for Robots has officially signed with UK Record Label, Black Box Recordings. "Witch Hammer Reflux," and extended version of "Witch Hammer Redux" featuring a host of extras including bonus tracks, remixes, printable photo book, printable stickers, and liner notes will be included with purchase of the digital album available only on Black box Recordings through Bandcamp. 


Fantastic cutting edge music show out of the UK. Original artists can send in your music for consideration to

Here is the link:


Witch Hammer Redux is now available at all your favorite digital streaming services and record shops. Author Michael Housel's review of the new album states "this emotional visit to WITCH HAMMER REDUX gave me the impression of something simultaneously ancient and futuristic, invoking feelings both stressful and calming. The content is all I could expect and then some from BEDTIME and its genius conjurer."




BEDTIME for ROBOTS has recently released "The Complete Tampa Sessions", a collection of the entire 2015 ep releases + bonus tracks. Available now on CD Baby, spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and Itunes


Specimen I, a 13 track sampler of tracks taken from the Bedtime for Robots digitial era albums and e.p.s recorded between 2013 and 2016 is now available for free download! Only at Bandcamp


Bedtime for Robots has released "Music from an Undisclosed Location," a departure from previous releases. The new album is an amalgamation of prog rock/post-rock/industrial/horror influences and was recorded entirely on the iPhone 5. Walls of guitars, synthesizers and electronic percussion lay the foundation for this aural dark film soundtrack. The first single, "El Diablo Guitarra," will feature 4 additional tracks not available anywhere else. The price for the extended single will reflect its 1970s influences: 1 US dollar


SHAM, a dark-ambient meets post-rock track by Bedtime for Robots is included on "USA Experimental Underground Survey 015" curated by Italian electronic experimental music pioneer Sonologyst. Find it Here! - See more at:


"Compendium," is a 47-track, 3-full length album release with an additional 4 bonus tracks showcasing Michael Ferentino's guitar-driven songwriting side. The entire set is available to listen for free and to purchase for less than the cost of a movie theater ticket at Bandcamp:


Bedtime for Robots will be adding the 2013-2014 full length digital collections to Bandcamp, including "Rites, "Lull," "Viscous," "Eat You," and "The Dismemberment Tapes."


"Elements” by Bedtime for Robots is now available through #WEATNU Records. This one is a departure from the usual darkness and features over an hour of melodic electronic chill tracks inspired by the winter of 2013, when I resided in a log cabin in Medford, NJ and first acquired my iPhone 4S. This was the first album I ever created entirely on the iPhone (every single sound and final mix as well). I think you will be amazed at the quality of the recordings, especially considering it was only 15 years ago that I created most of my works in a $70,000 home studio. The times they are a changing!


Bedtime for Robots has been releasing several full length albums from the analog years collection on Bandcamp. The full length albums available were recorded between 2001 and 2009 and feature music that has been featured on various worldwide ambient and electronic Internet radio and compilations. 


Love in Reverse "Lost & Found" is now available on itunes, Amazon, EMusic and CD Baby. The album features 10 never-before-released tracks recorded during the band's Warner/Reprise era (1995-1997). The 18-minute psychedelic ambient space rock track, "Words Become Worms" closes out this exciting collection.


Bedtime for Robots is now a part of #WEATNU (We Are The New Underground), a global electronic music organization that promotes various genres of electronic independent music worldwide. We are looking forward to our first release on #WEATNU records, which will be available through their Bandcamp site: #WEATNU records.


“Feline, Fish and Fetish,” a 19-track MF solo album recorded circa 1999 during the Amazing Meet Project era, focuses on acoustic-based songs reflecting the period just after disbanding with Love in Reverse and Warner/Reprise records. These are some very personal songs fraught with the emotional madness surrounding that period of my life, loaded with acoustic 6 and 12-string guitars, electric guitars, bass, Mellotron and tribal percussion all performed by myself.


Bedtime for Robots has a brand new unreleased track on the Ghost Box Radio compilation, Telephone to the Dead. “Black Holy” is, by far, one of my darkest ambient tracks to date. The compilation is free through Bandcamp and features hours of amazing dark ambient tracks by several brilliant artists.






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